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Please renew your MU Sydney membership each year by 30 April

Membership of MU Sydney is currently $35 per year

If you would like information and publications sent to you by post, please pay an extra $20 per year.


Breakup of the Membership payment is

Sent to Anglican Mothers Union Australia (AMUA)

  • General Fund $10.00
    (includes Mia Mia & Families Worldwide)
  • Travel Fund $2.00
  • Northern Outreach Fund $1.00
  • Overseas Fund $0.50
  • Mary Sumner House $1.50
  • Total to AMUA  $15.00

Retained by MU Sydney $20.00


Make a Bequest to MU Sydney

There are many reasons why making a bequest is an increasingly popular alternative for those interested in supporting ministries beyond their lifetime. Sometimes everyday commitments mean that we are unable to help today, but can give a gift for the future.

Making a Will is an important part of life, so that you can continue to support your family, friends and passions after you die.

We hope you will consider remembering the ministries of MU Sydney in your Will. We need your help to continue to support marriage and christian family life into the future.

To leave a gift for MU Sydney –

I, ………………….. bequeath to The Mothers’ Union in Australia Diocese of Sydney Incorporated (MU Sydney) of Level 2 St Andrew’s House, 464 Kent Street Sydney 2000   (either … a percentage of residue … or a percentage of estate or … estate) free of all duties for which the written acknowledgment of a member of the MU Sydney Executive Committee shall be sufficient discharge.

Memorial Service Donation Envelopes
Donation envelopes can be made available for Memorial Services. Please contact us for more information.