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Families Equip Parenting Course

Single Session Seminars

Parenting the Developing Brain – explaining how to encourage healthy and positive brain connections in children and adolescents.

Resilience at each Stage of Development – considering how to encourage resilience in infants, primary and adolescent stages.

Parenting in a Technological Age – exploring how to parent wisely in a rapidly changing world.

Understanding Kids – explaining how to structure teaching for 3-12 year old children to ensure it is age appropriate.

Families Equip

Course Format

The course takes into account how adults learn best and how groups operate to their maximum potential.

With these two issues in mind, the program consists of discussion times, small group work, multimedia presentation, personal reflection time and various activities.

This is presented in a non-threatening atmosphere and all facilitators have been trained by MU Sydney.

The course is uniquely Australian but has the benefit of information and skills that are recognised worldwide within parenting organisations.

Course Content

Laying the Foundations – Parenting Styles

Developmental Stages & Resilience – Childhood Development

Relationship Building – Fostering Relationships through Key Areas

Discipline Strategies – Natural and Logical Consequences

Strengthening the Family – Celebrations and Family Foundations